Non-woven products

The non-woven abrasive is used for finishing and polishing, pickling, removal of oxidation and traces from steel, stainless steel, aluminum surfaces. There are various types of non-woven with which wheels, mounted wheels, tapes, discs, pads, etc. are realized.


Surface conditioning belts

Non-woven pads

Surface conditioning discs

Surface conditioning discs are made of strongly impregnated non-woven, supported by an anti-deforming woof with back suitable for quick fastening on special double hook velcrum pads. Absolutely innovative, it grants a fast and smooth abrasive action and a  regular and uniform finishing. Surface conditioning is made in A-Coarse (brown), A-medium (red) and A-very fine (blue) and it is particularly employed on stainless steels.

Surface conditioning table

tab dischi-conditioning

Superclean is a nylon three-dimensional non-woven, it is impregnated with silicon carbide and it is normally used for pickling of stainless steels and aluminum and for the removal of paints, oxides or clogging materials in order to obtain a strongly satin finishing of surfaces. The field of application of these products is essentially unlimited and it is supplied in some shapes: fibreglass backing discs, mounted wheels, discs with hole as follows:

Superclean table