Abrasive flap discs

Abrasive flap discsFlap discs are the first kind of coated abrasive born in Kondor, available in various types, both for support: nylon and fiberglass, both in structure: double flap and  single flap, flat or conical on request.
After a first distinction between double flap construction and single flap construction, designed to give the disc a feature of professional disc in the first case and a characteristic of traditionality in the second, the series of flap discs then followed an evolution up to the design of much more special kinds , high performance and outlined by their own authenticity, below listed in  the series of special discs.

Double flap construction discs

The abrasive double flap discs were designed for professional and industrial use , they are made with a quite large variety of abrasive cloths, this is to meet the most varied requirements of application,  therefore Kondor can propose excellent Aluminum Oxide and Zirconium cloths , but there are also more peculiar and valuable cloths such as Mixed corundum ceramic or specially processed microcrystalloid.

In addition to the variety of abrasive cloths which characterizes the series of double flap discs, another feature that gives to this product a longer duration and a higher performance is the size of flaps , which is increased compared to those of conventional discs, as is increased the number of flaps on the disc. The "double flap" are available both on nylon and fiberglass backing.

Double flap construction discs

Single flap construction discs

Kondor single flap discs are manufactured with a rather traditional way, there are two lines with different performance characteristics, these two lines were introduced to reach the largest audience of operators, both in the semi-professional and DIY field.

  • RED TECH LINE: single flap discs characterized by red backing in nylon pad version, there is also  fiberglass backing type, available both with aluminum oxide cloth and zirconia . This product is a good compromise between quality and price and suitable and appreciated in areas where it is even required a professional performance level.

  • EKO LINE: single flap discs characterized by black backing in nylon pad version, there is also  fiberglass backing type, available both with aluminum oxide cloth and zirconia . This is the cheap Kondor series inserted to meet the price requirement of an always  larger number of end users.
Single flap discs

Special flap discs

Over the years Kondor understood the new demands of professional people who use flap discs and followed their wake, designing new types which better fitted to the new market demands. Thus high-performance discs, XL type and DSM-Z zirconium were realized, every with different features and characteristics which have been finding a good appreciation in the broader market of flap disc sector.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DISC T45 / C: it’s a  high-performance flap disc with 90 double flaps  and two different types of zirconia abrasive cloth, conveying at the disc a special removal capability on ferrous and stainless material, with appreciably higher duration than the normal zirconia disc. Excellent quality-price relationship. Reinforced blue colour nylon backing.

  • XL: it’s a flap disc on fibreglass pad made with 120 flaps of abrasive cloth with a high content of zirconium and high bending, concentrated on the outer diameter of the disc, the fibreglass is overreinforced in order to ensure to the disc enough safety to support such a number of flaps placed in a so peripherical position. The particular construction of the disc XL allows a high removal capability and a total consumption of the abrasive surface of the cloth, consequently limiting at most scraps of  not used cloth that in traditional flap discs lay at the end of use.

  • DSM-Z: is a reinforced depressed center disc in Ømm. 115 enriched by a crown of double flaps in zirconia cloth, thus joining together the removal power of the classic deburring disc with the capability of  finishing of a flap disc, in fact this construction allows a high and fast removal when used at an angle of attack on the piece of about 45 °, while it is sufficient to work more on even surface (approximately 20 °) to achieve a very good smoothing of the surface thanks to the action of flaps.

Special flap discs