Abrasive flap wheels

Flap wheels on shank and with hole are mainly produced with emery cloth Aluminum and Zirconia Oxide of primary European production, other types of abrasive cloth available on request.

Abrasive mounted flap wheels


On flap wheels on shank abrasive cloth flaps are attached at a resin core and stuck for mounting on straight grinders. Suitable for deburring or finishing of flat and shaped metallic surfaces. Sizes out of catalogue available on request..

Abrasive mounted flap wheels

Other kinds of abrasive mounted wheels

  • Non-woven flap wheels on shank
  • Interleaved mixed flap wheels on shank

Flap wheels with hole

Flap wheels with hole are made with a crown of abrasive cloth flaps radially disposed around a hole. There are also flexible abrasive cloths (J flex) or silicon carbide for specific employs. These flap wheels are usually mounted on bench cleaners or portable electric or pneumatic satin finishing machines. Sizes not herewith available on request.

Other kinds of abrasive flap wheels with hole

  • Non-woven flap wheels for portable satin finishing machines
  • Interleaved mixed flap wheels