Safety and Quality

Safety rules

Wheels and discs should be stored in dry premises, at room temperature, providing to arrange large diametre units in a standing position on wooden shelves, while smaller units should be placed in a horizontal position.

All products are subjected to severe tests before leaving our factory. Nevertheless, a preliminary audio and visual check-up should be carried out before mounting in order to verify the integrity of the wheel.

Do not use damaged and expired units and those which have been subjected to impacts or unusual stresses. When using wheels and discs, it is always recommended to allow the machine to idle for a few minutes before use.

Always use the recommended personal protective equipment according to the accident prevention rules, depending on the work being carried out.

The optimal clearance angle of the grinding disc should never be inferior to 35°. Never use cutting discs for grinding works.

Do not used badly maintained and unsafe machines, or machines with too much slack on the shaft and flanges.

Keep to the characteristics described on each wheel or disc by checking out the specific suitability for the material one is working on. Check expiry date and verify that the no. of revolutions of the machine do not exceed the maximum no. of revolutions reported on the abrasive wheel.