History and Facility

Kondor Abrasivi

Since 1960 when it was founded , KONDOR has been synonymous of product quality, service and continuous technological evolution in the production of rigid and flexible abrasive discs. Today, after more than 50 years, these words still confirm and enhance its image of a highly flexible company, always paying attention to the needs of a constantly developing market.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification of quality and an increasingly intensive use of the most innovative technological resources are projecting KONDOR in to the future and, in the same time, are assuring that it will be ready to face global market challenges. Besides, its sensibility toward the new technologies and methods of production more and more eco-sustainable also from the energetic point of view, are witnessed by its photovoltaic plant that allows us to draw on renewable resources for the greatest part of power requirement necessary for our production processes.

More over KONDOR guarantees you :

  • TOTAL QUALITY: quality control on the whole manufacturing process and the finished product.
  • SAFETY: the most severe processing guidelines are employed for the safety of the enduser.
  • FLEXIBILITY: “special” products are standard for us; each of our customers is the most important one.
  • INNOVATION: continuous technological updating and constant product developing.
  • PRODUCTION RANGE: we offer a wide and complete production program.
  • ASSISTENCE AND SERVICE: our team of skilled workers can satisfy every possible need.

Our Quality…… is Your Safety!!!