Reinforced thin cutting discs

Kondor is in the forefront in the production of reinforced thin cutting discs, the range is large and includes discs made for cutting iron, alloyed steels and stainless steel, aluminum and other derived alloys, discs for wood and plastic materials cutting, for precision cutting of stones and building materials and the latest called Ice Line.

Thin cutting disc available in thickness mm. 1-1,2-1,6, designed with a standard formulation free of iron and sulphur for cutting steel mainly, but also for cutting normal and alloyed steels.

Thin cutting disc Ice Line born in order to obtain excellent cutting results on steels and stainless steels, but during the time its double bond formulation has been improved up to achieve the goal of obtaining good cutting results even on different materials such as aluminum, bronze, copper. What emerges is a highly innovative and versatile cut-off that develops rapid cutting on all application, but above all does not overheat the materials he works on, hence the name "ICE".

Kondor designed a thin disc even for cutting wood and plastics, it has a particular abrasive mixture that allows the disc to cut even in the presence of contaminants of the wood such as nails, screws, cement. For this reason, this cut-off is widely used in DIY, as well as in the building field.

The thin cutting disc that is used for the precision cutting of tiles and building materials in general.

Reinforced abrasive flat slitting discs and mini-wheels